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RAF Pilot Notes for North American Harvard Harvard 2B Pilots Notes


Riddle McKay Tribute Poem to the Thanks America RAF Badge Thanks America Clewiston Aviation Chart Charts Log Book Flight Log Service Book Service Book


The RAF in America 1943-45

RAF in Florida

This is a collation of Trevor Williams, photographs and journeys with the RAF whilst undergoing pilot training at Clewiston, Florida before further training in Lancasters.

Trevor sadly passed away earlier this year ( 2013) after a short illness.

C and D flights Clewiston

Riddle Mckay Graduation Certificate

Please contact me if you would like an unspoilt image of the above.

I use Google Analytics to help understand what is liked on this site and what is felt irrelevant. I was recently shocked to see that an astonishing number of visitors have arrived on this site by a Google image search for "Graduation Certificate". One has to wonder what exactly is the purpose of that serach - especially when this site also mentions "Harvard" a great deal. Though I feel confident that a 1940s 'flying club' certificate is not what they were seeking by "Harvard" "Graduation Certificate", it has led me to feel it appropriate to spoil this image and keep the resolution too low for a credible print .